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About us

Thank you for stopping by at Bambostyle we are delighted to share our story.    

We are a family-owned business. We’re located in Port Moody—The City of Arts—in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

We believe that every one is born to stand out, born to be amazing in their own unique way and outshine the crowd. 

We built Bambostyle with the aim of giving back to our community and to our planet. That goal has driven our brand and our style from the very beginning, and we think it shows.

Our mission is to deliver a brand and a message. And the message is simple: we want to care for our planet and be proactive when it comes to Mother Nature. Our products, made almost exclusively from bamboo/wood, convey this message. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. This makes for eco-friendly, renewable products that are as stylish as they are sustainable.   

We have a dedicated sourcing team that works directly with manufacturers abroad and we strive to provide our customers with the best products, with exceptional customer service.

It’s our passion to bring nature into your life in a fashionable way.

When you buy from us, you are not just our customers but you are now part of our family representing and carrying the amazing message within, a message to stand out and daring to be different in each one's own unique way.

We believe that accessories are a powerful statement of individual style and identity. We will do our best to make your shopping experience with Bambostyle as delightful as possible. 

Your satisfaction and happiness is our priority. We look forward to serving you and giving you the best shopping experience :) Again, we thank you so much for your support!

Please feel free to contact us via Instagram, Facebook or to our email at .

The Bambostyle Family :)