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Ambassador Program

   Are you an outdoor person? Do you enjoy hiking, rowing, or a walk in the woods? Or are you more like a fashion person with a love for sunglasses and/or watches? Do you make conscious decisions about our environment? Are you a person with a love for social media?

   What if I told you there is a way to blend your passions together and make yourself a couple of extra dollars every month? Yes, we know, it seems too good to be true. Well, it is true, and we can offer you that.

   At Bambostyle we have created the Ambassador Program to allow our dedicated customers to reach new heights with Bambostyle.

   This program is very simple. If you become one of our ambassadors, you will receive a personal and unique code that is paired with a link to our website. You can share your code with anyone –friends, family, followers, etc., and any time someone uses it, they will receive 10% off their entire purchase in our store. Not only your friend and family will be rewarded, but you will be too. As a Bambotyle Ambassador you will receive 20% off your initial purchase, in addition to a permanent 10% off for every order thereafter.

   But wait! We are not done yet! Every time your code generates a sale in our store, you will earn 5% of the total sale as a flat commission. This commission can be increased up to a total of 10% based on customer acquisition.

   All we ask of you in return of these perks of being a Bambostyle Ambassador, is one single Instagram and/or Facebook post per week with #Bambostyle tagged in it. You can post about anything you like –outdoors pictures, a beautiful sunset, an epic landscape on a sunny day, a romantic dinner in a nice restaurant, etc. You are the creative director of your social media gallery. Be creative! As long as you tag us in your post, we are happy with anything you can come up with.

    In short, Ambassadors are our social media warriors! Our customers are the heroes of our products!

    Looking forward to hearing from you! See you on Facebook and Instagram or by E-mail at